Anthony Ogbuokiri

Could We Transform The Built Environment by Copying The Natural Environment?

When we consider the impact of the global construction industry the numbers are frankly shocking. The construction industry may be responsible for up to 50% of the pollutants causing climate change, 50% of all landfill waste, 40% of drinking water pollution and 23% of air pollution.

A big part of the problem? Most buildings are simply copies of other poorly conceived designs. The construction industry doesn’t care because most of the cost to society is only apparent long after the building is signed off.

I’ll be using this talk to show us a different way. Instead of copying old bad ideas we’ll look to innovate by copying nature who has been busy iterating some of the best, most beautiful, most effective and most efficient designs over millions of years. We’ll create beautiful buildings that are better for its occupants, more profitable for the owners and far less impactful on our planet.

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