Vita Student is redefining student accommodation. We know nobody ever changed the world by being the same, so we’re different, attracting and celebrating those who strive, who achieve, who push further. Famous names from academia and industry recognise the talent at Vita Student, attending our residences to both talk and listen.

Our university experience lasts a lifetime; when you finish, browse grad schemes or get start-up capital from our alumni fund. Check-in every year and see old familiar faces and hear new thinking. We help bright young people BEGIN BIG.

Code Computerlove is a digital product agency. We create world-class experiences and help our clients stay ahead. We recognise that perfect isn’t an end point. It’s a moment in time – then it’s gone. That’s why we never stop looking for ways to make the brilliant things we create even better. This is different to the way most agencies work. It’s faster. More collaborative. More flexible. If you want to make something brilliant, you can’t sit still. So we don’t. We’re Code, and we make brilliant digital products.

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