TEDxManchester, Saturday, 12th March 2022

Registration Opens: 8:30am at The Bridgewater Hall

  • Stalls & Choir Circle ticket holders: register on the Ground Floor
  • Circle & Gallery ticket holders: register upstairs on the Circle (Level 3)

Session One: 10:30

Sustainable Economist

Alex Edmans

Immunity Booster

Jenna Macciochi

Evolutionary Humanist

Nichola Raihani

Jurassic Scientist

Dean Lomax

The Imperfectionist

Oliver Burkeman

Lunch: 12:15-13:45

Session Two: 13:45

Multi-Sensory Perceptor

Charles Spence

Science Journalist

Helen Pilcher

Novelist & Anthropologist

Tahmima Anam

Ukulele Innovators


Break: 15:05 - 15:50

Session Three: 15:50

Behavioral Economist

Christina Gravert

Renewables Re-Engineer

Carlton Cummins


Helen Nuttall

Comedian of Nowhere

Daliso Chaponda

Ends: 17:05

The schedule is subject to change and is not set in stone