TEDxManchester, Saturday, 4th March 2023

Registration Opens: 8:30am at The Bridgewater Hall

  • Stalls & Choir Circle ticket holders: register on the Ground Floor
  • Circle & Gallery ticket holders: register upstairs on the Circle (Level 3)

Please note that security checks will take place upon arrival at the venue. Read here for full information on what is permitted. 

If you have baggage bigger than the permitted size (30cm x 20cm x 10cm or approx A4 paper size), check out for storage options close by.

Session One: 10:30

A Bioscience Investigator

Sally Adee

A Fidgety Medicine Man

James Levine

 A CIA Agent Turned CEO

Rupal Patel

An Analyst of Desire

Charlotte Fox Weber

A Nurse with Superpowers

Joy Milne

Lunch: 12:15-13:45

Session Two: 13:45

 An Ambassador for Sharks

Hannah Rudd

A Peak Performance Expert

Damian Hughes

A Chronicler of Modern Manchester

Andy Spinoza

A Great British Baker & Engineer

Andrew Smyth

Break: 15:05 - 15:50

Session Three: 15:50

An Explorer of Exotic Particles

Alex Keshavarzi

An Organic Architect

Anthony Ogbuokiri

A Mental Health Campaigner

Angela Samata

A Neuroscience Demonstrator

Fran Scott

Ends: 17:05

The schedule is subject to change and is not set in stone