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Carlton Cummins

Renewables Re-Engineer

Re-engineering the Battery for a Sustainable Future

Countries and companies around the world have placed in their faith in electric vehicles as their main transport to a more sustainable future. However, the state of current battery technology is perhaps the weakest link on the bridge to that rosy future. Put bluntly by the BBC: “Electric cars: what will happen with all the dead batteries?”

Entrepreneur & engineer Carlton Cummins will be discussing the these issues and some solutions being developed

Born and raised in Barbados Carlton is an entrepreneur and design engineer focused on solutions to global energy and waste challenges. Carlton’s career spans from electric Motorsport to renewable energy and has worked in Central American & European markets.

With a specialisation in sustainable design and clean energy systems, he’s achieved international recognition such as Forbes 30 under 30 list 2017, Shell Global Innovator 2017 and Shell Entrepreneur of the Year 2016.

As Cofounder and CTO at Aceleron, a battery technology company in the UK, Carlton channels his energy into identifying the technology strategy and product innovations to make batteries more accessible in emerging markets.

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