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Christina Gravert

Behavioral Economist

How Experiments & Evidence Pave Our Way to a Better Future

Would you use a medicine that was never tested before being sold in pharmacies? Every year the UK government spends £400 billion pounds of our money without any evidence that this money is actually being spent effectively. When you broaden the picture globally it easily expands into trillions of pounds every year spent without real evidence to show its being well spent. The maddening thing is that this is nearly all avoidable. Economist Christina Gravert will discuss why we need to make testing and evidence-gathering a fundamental part of our public and private sector cultures and points us to people and organisations leading the way as well as some tips on how you might begin your own journey.

Since the awarding of the 1978 Nobel Prize in Economics to political scientist, Herbert Simon, the influence of behavioural economics has only continued to grow both in the field of economics as well as in broader policymaking.

Originally from Berlin, Christina is now based at the University of Copenhagen where she is an Associate Professor of Economics and is one of the rising stars in the field.

In 2020, Forbes Magazine recognised Christina’s growing influence by naming her as one of their top “10 Behavioural Scientists You Should Know”.
Christina investigates how we can nudge people to change behavior using experiments involving thousands of people around the world.

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