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Helen Nuttall


The Remarkable Resilience of the Brain

How can deaf people dance to the music they can’t hear?

That’s exactly what Helen will explore in her fascinating talk, while taking us on a journey to discover the power of our brain’s neuroplasticity and sensory substitution.

Born and raised in the Greater Manchester area, Dr Helen Nuttall has been driven by her passion for all things neuroscience. She is now a Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience at Lancaster University, where she leads the Neuroscience of Speech and Action (NoSA) Laboratory. The NoSA Lab investigate research questions surrounding how speech, action, and cognitive function are represented in the brain; how these functions work in health and disease; and how they are affected by the ageing process. Prior to joining Lancaster University, Dr Nuttall worked as a Leverhulme Trust-funded Postdoctoral Research Associate with Professor Patti Adank and Professor Joe Devlin at University College London. In her PhD (University of Nottingham), she investigated how the representation of speech in the brain is affected by hearing and cognition.

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