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Jenna Macciochi

Immunity Booster

The Truth About Boosting Immunity

Immunologist Jenna Macciochi takes a skeptical look at the long history of people’s attempts to boost immunity. She will reveal that immunity is not so much a “thing” as it is a complex system and leave us with some science-based guidance to what we can do to give our bodies the best shot at staying healthy.

As we continue to battle the global pandemic, interest in the immune system is at an all-time high. Dr. Jenna Macciochi is a Senior Lecturer in Immunology at the Sussex University School of Life Sciences.

As a gifted science communicator, Jenna has pursued a mission to spread the latest science-backed information on how to improve our immunity as well as to debunk myths on the topic.

Her first book, Immunity: the Science of Staying Well, was published in 2020 by Harper Collins. Her latest book, Your Blueprint for Strong Immunity: Personalise your diet and lifestyle for better health, was released in February 2022.

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