Fran Scott

A Neuroscience Demonstrator

Fran Scott is a 3x BAFTA-nominated Engineering presenter, maker and pyrotechnician. A neuroscientist by training and an engineer at heart, Fran is an experienced prop builder and Science Content Producer who specialises in the use of physical demonstrations to explain complex scientific phenomena.

Fran is perhaps best known her often fiery appearances on CBBC Absolute Genius, CBBC Newsround, BBC Bitesize and as the Engineering judge on C4’s Lego Masters.

More recently, Fran’s love of industrial engineering and innovation has taken centre stage with her credits including Abandoned Engineering, The Process Automation Podcast and The Robot Podcast for ABB.

Fran is also Creative Director of her own events Production Company, Great Scott! Productions, which works with Engineering and Infrastructure firms to produce high-quality classroom resources, workshops and stage shows to inspire the next generation of Engineers whilst simultaneously developing the talents of under-represented presenters.

Fran is a proud Trustee of the Brunel Museum, a member of the Engineering and Technology Innovation Awards Advisory Board and for many years served on the Institute of Physics’ Girls in Physics Advisory Group.


Fran’s talk

How to be Wrong When You are Right

Fran Scott goes back to her Neuroscience roots as she seeks to explain the concept of ‘being right’. In a world of social media driven echo chambers it is easy to see our truth as the one true right answer.

But how do humans establish the ‘truth’ and what does this mean for wider society? Fran will utilise her skills as a science demonstration designer to perform live experiments with the audience showing how our perception of reality can be manipulated in real-time. By understanding the concepts by which truth is established, we’ll see how right can become wrong, and how truth can indeed be a lie.

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