Hannah Rudd

An Ambassador for Sharks

Hannah Rudd is a marine scientist and writer based in Suffolk. Her first book Britain’s Living Seas: Our Coastal Wildlife & How We Can Save It, published by Bloomsbury Publishing in collaboration with the Wildlife Trusts, highlights the hidden gems in our seas and how we can all be everyday marine conservationists. Often overlooked and undervalued she wants to get people excited by our coastline and encourage them to forge their own connection with its salty depths.

As a marine expert, Hannah has been featured regularly on television and radio networks, including the BBC and Science Channel. She has worked in global shark hotspots and currently works with recreational anglers in the UK.

Hannah’s talk

Why Sharks Are Not The Enemy

Since publication of the novel ‘Jaws’ and later the massive movie blockbuster, sharks have been framed as the evil villains of the sea. Director Steven Spielberg recently expressed his deep regret on the impact his movie has had on global shark populations.

Marine biologist Hannah Rudd wants to set the record straight about the reality of sharks and their importance to our world.

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