Rupal Patel

 A CIA Agent Turned CEO

After growing up in suburban Staten Island, NY, Rupal Patel’s life took an unplanned turn when she decided to join the CIA after graduating with her Masters degree from the University of Chicago. Serving primarily under President George W. Bush after 9/11 and President Obama, she became an intelligence expert on the war effort in Afghanistan. She advised Four-Star Generals, earned War Zone Service Medals, and was recognized by the CIA Director for “superior support to the President of the United States.”

From there, she earned her MBA from London Business School and started her own successful business. Today, by combining her business experience with her CIA training, Rupal helps ambitious organisational leaders make their boldest visions a tangible reality. Her work has been incorporated into the MBA and Executive MBA programs at London Business School, Henley Business School, and The University of Edinburgh Business School, and her book ‘From CIA to CEO: Unconventional Life Lessons for Thinking Bigger, Leading Better, and Being Bolder’ is an international best-seller.

Rupal’s talk

Becoming Unstoppable: A CIA Toolkit for Achieving Your Boldest Ambitions

Rupal had the privilege of serving for almost seven years in a very unique organisation called the Central Intelligence Agency with its own largely-classified methods & processes. And while the acronym CIA conjurs up a number of images and preconceptions, she believes her CIA experience offers a plethora of tools for anyone seeking to achieve anything of note.

Rupal would like to use this opportunity to share with you some powerful insights and tools she developed as a CIA agent & field officer and how she applied these to her own companies and in her work advising others to achieve big, seemingly-impossible, goals.

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