Joe Navarro

Joe Navarro

Retired Spycatcher

Joe Navarro was a Spycatcher for the FBI in a career spanning decades. Using his specialized skills in behavioural assessment, he mastered the craft of counterintelligence through the use of nonverbal communication. Since retiring he has authored 13 books dealing with human behaviour and lectures widely on the importance and practical use of nonverbal communication.

His book, Louder Than Words, was lauded by The Wall Street Journal as “One of the six best business books to read for your career” and What Every BODY is Saying, translated into 28 languages, remains after eleven years, the #1 selling body-language book in the world.


Joe’s TEDx Talk

The Power of Nonverbal Communication

For 25 years, Joe used nonverbal communication as his primary professional tool in the FBI to catch and interview spies, criminals, and terrorists. Since leaving the FBI his life’s work has been in building awareness about the power of nonverbal communication, debunking myths and falsehoods about nonverbals and giving people insight in how to better utilize nonverbals to enhance their communication skills.