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Helen Czerski
Helen Czerski Everyday Scientist @HelenCzerski Biography Dr Helen Czerski is an oceanographer, physicist and broadcaster with an healthy appetite for “everyday” science. She has a degree in natural sciences, a PhD in experimental explosives physics, and has spent several years studying the optics and acoustics of ocean bubbles. She works in the Department of Mechanical...
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Isaiah Hull
Isaiah Hull Rising Star @isaiahisaliar Biography In the last year alone, Isaiah Hull has supported Kate Tempest, Lemn Sissay and Skepta at major events for the BBC. And he’s just 19. Inspired by poet Saul Williams, author Philip Larkin and classical Greek tragedies, the Old Trafford writer and spoken word artist is one of the...
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Volker Hirsch
Volker Hirsch Teutonic Technologist @vhirsch Biography Volker Hirsch is not afraid of placing his faith in concepts that others consider “niche”. He has championed mobile and games for more than 15 years as an angel investor, founder, and advisor. He helped launch the world’s first mobile music services, published games on tiny black and white...
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