Parmy Olson

Parmy Olson

Technology Reporter

Parmy Olson is a reporter with The Wall Street Journal, writing technology news and features. As well as covering government crackdowns on Big Tech, she writes about the business of artificial intelligence, including the overselling of AI, surveillance and its use by fraudsters.

She is the author of ‘We Are Anonymous,’ a landmark book about the rise of the global hacktivist collective Anonymous and its offshoot LulzSec. She was previously a senior writer with Forbes Magazine where she wrote multiple cover stories, including the inside story of WhatsApp’s $21 billion sale to Facebook.

Parmy’s TEDx Talk

How Businesses Are Easing Us Into Facial Recognition

Forget police and governments. Businesses will be the first mega users of facial recognition to track, verify and conduct research on us, and they’ll get us used to it too.