Stacey Copeland

Stacey Copeland

Mancunian Boxer

Stacey Copeland has represented her country in two sports, football and boxing. As an amateur boxer Stacey won a European silver medal and has now turned professional; last year she made history when she fought in Zimbabwe and became the first ever British woman to win the Commonwealth title.

In 2017 Stacey founded the Pave The Way project to fight for a world in which gender is never a barrier to human potential. Stacey delivers talks in schools, communities, and businesses, and last year spoke at European Parliament and the United Nations about gender equality in sport.


Stacey’s TEDx Talk

From Pro Sports To Paving The Way

Imagine a world where gender is never a barrier to human potential. This is precisely what Pave The Way aims to achieve. What began as a one week project to highlight women in sport, has now become a much bigger movement spreadinghe way for the next generation across numerous industries and with a focus on gender equality for both males and females.

Discover how one woman’s experiences have driven her to fight for change, how powerful storytelling has been in this process, and how every single person can Pave The Way.