James Wallman

James Wallman

Experiential Expert

James Wallman has been described as “the Malcolm Gladwell of today’s Experience Economy. He brings together the best of social science research with insights and stories relayed with wit and verve.”

He is the author of the best-selling book, Time And How To Spend It, published by Penguin in 2019 where he writes on why we feel we have so little time and science-based answers on dealing with these issues. Previously, James wrote Stuffocation published by Penguin in 2015 and now in 7 languages.

Outside of his writing, James runs the strategy, innovation, and futures consultancy The Future is Here. Recent clients include KPMG, HSBC, KFC, IDEO, and Facebook. His opinions have appeared in the New York Times, FT, Economist, and Wired. He has forecast the future since 2004.

He holds an MA in Classics from the University of Oxford; an MA in Journalism from the University of the Arts London; and a Diploma in Entrepreneurship from the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge.


James’ TEDx Talk

How To Spend Your Time To Be Happier & More Successful — According To Science

Since he introduced the concept of ‘experientialism’ in his 2015 international bestseller, Stuffocation, James Wallman has been trying to answer this vital question: ‘Since we now know spending on experiences rather than stuff makes us happier, which experiences lead to the most happiness?’

After consulting with leading scientists at Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, Cambridge, Tokyo, NYU, MIT, the LSE and many more – James distilled decades of their insights into a highly practical 7-point checklist that all of us can use to be more creative, resilient, successful and happier.

In this talk – one of James’s typically energetic, inspiring, interactive events – James will share the 7 secrets to spending your time in ways that lead you to be happier and more successful.


Photo credit: Tim White