Nicky Wake

How My Entrepreneurial Spirit Saved Me from My Ultimate Grief

The dream of many people in life is to find that one in a million, their soulmate. Manchester-based entrepreneur Nicky Wake achieved that dream with her husband Andy and they proceeded to build together their perfect life joined by their son Finn.

Sadly in 2020 Nicky lost her husband during the pandemic, a tragedy which naturally rocked her world to the foundations. At the same time she joined a community nobody seeks entrance into – the global community of widows and widowers.

And while Nicky suffered, and continues to suffer, the loss of her soulmate, it was this very community that would help her find her way out of the deepest of grief.

A Recovering Entrepreneur

Nicky Wake was born in Liverpool before moving to Manchester in 1990 and very much considers herself an adopted Mancunian.

A well known face on the 90’s Manchester party scene, Nicky worked at the famous Haçienda nightclub and was a club promoter at the Paradise Factory. She then went on to run the front of house at legendary restaurant Mash & Air in the late 90s where she discovered her passion for events. A four year stint as Head of Events at the Trafford Centre led Nicky to join Out There Events company before finally setting up her own agency; Don’t Panic Events.

Nicky moved out of Manchester city centre with her husband Andy before they were joined by the arrival of their son Finn in 2007. Andy sadly died in March 2020 which, after a time, led Nicky to found Chapter 2 – a community and app for widows and widowers wishing to dip their toe back into the world of dating.

2024 will see a full circle moment for Nicky as she returns to call Manchester city centre home once again as she and her son Finn relocate this summer.

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