Selma Masood

How stepping into the boxing ring changed my life

Why would a high-flying international lawyer step into the boxing ring and risk turning up in court with a ‘black eye’?

In this talk, Selma Masood will tell us about her experience of joining a white-collar ‘fight club’, and how it helped her get through a stressful series of life events.

Selma will share stories from her intensive training and title fights to help us understand why white-collar boxing is a life changing sport.


A White Collar Boxer

Selma is the Founder & Principal of SM & Co Solicitors. She was born and raised in Hong Kong and comes from a mixed background, with her mum from Hong Kong and her late father, from Iran.

Selma graduated from the University of Manchester with a Bachelor of Music Degree and Bachelor of Law degree, as well as the University of Hong Kong for the Post Graduate Certificate of Laws. She is a Solicitor on the General Panel of Mediators in Hong Kong (HKIAC) and a Solicitor on the Legal Aid Panel. Selma also had a stint in the Hong Kong Judiciary, sitting as a Deputy Magistrate at Eastern Magistracy for two months between January and March 2019.

Selma qualified as a Solicitor in Hong Kong in 2006 and in early May 2016, she set up SM & Co Solicitors, which is in association with international Italian law firm Gianni & Origoni, which has a dedicated Hong Kong branch. Selma is based in Manchester and manages her law firm remotely.

Selma has many hobbies including music (she plays piano, flute, cello and Chinese zither), dragon boating, boxing and giving back to the community through various charitable means. She is also an avid linguist and speaks 7 languages.

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